As you may have gathered, we’ve got a few issues with the art world as it stands (who doesn’t right?), but we love making small efforts towards changing the bits that we can get our hands on. The main focus of our collective is accessibility. Personally, I think this is the most overlooked aspect of our art community – and something that, as an able-bodied person, I have overlooked myself. But I’m not just talking physical accessibility here, although this features heavily, I’m talking about the exclusivity, the elitism, the feeling you get when you walk into a gallery and feel WAY out your depth and pray no one asks you any questions.  These are the bits we’d like to change.

So, our aim is to make every single event we do physically and financially accessible. We don’t want to use academic language when it’s not needed (and it’s never truly needed). We are super open to criticism and welcome ANY suggestions you have on how we can improve. We welcome ALL bodies. Everyone. No Exceptions. No questions. We will try to support any local creative, individual, artist, writer, business, in any way we can. And we encourage everyone to get involved in this little collective in any way they wish.

I am personally very bored by the competitive and cut-throat nature of the arts world – so we’d love to build an arts community where we lift each other up and allow ourselves to fully enjoy our creativity.

You can laugh and criticise me for being idealistic (I would have done not so long ago) but this is do-able, so we are doing it. Now who is in???

- Rachel