The Common is a movement dedicated to tearing down the boundaries which keep us apart and disempower us. We believe that through an intersectional art movement we can empower a community to make a real difference, and challenge those who stand in the way of progress.


We vow to:


  • Always be inclusive – we will create and use our platform to bring marginalised identities to the forefront of the debate, with emphasis on BAME, LGBTQ+, non-binary, refugee, immigrant, working-class, disabled and female voices. It is through these voices that the instruments of power are truly exposed.

  • Always be accessible – everything we do will always be accessible to the communities mentioned ­above.

  • Be a safe space – we will set a series of ‘ground rules’, decided on by YOU, so that everyone who is a part of and engages in our collective can be confident that they belong here.

  • Sift through the bullshit of the art/academic world that is set up to make anyone who isn’t white, well-off and “well-educated” feel excluded and alienated. Education is about more than just the words you use and the papers you have, it’s about sharing knowledge. Art is for everyone.

  • Engage with the community – YOU have a say in how we operate. If you want to be involved, you already are.


Our ultimate aim is to destroy the white-supremacist capitalist patriarchy through the creation of a space that shows how inclusivity and the celebration of diversity creates better art and maintains a better community for everyone :)


R & M x

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