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BEING a creative person is something I’ve been described as by many people for many years. It’s a term that has been used with both positive and negative connotations to explain who and what I am. Only now as I approach my thirties am I starting to explore what that actually means, and how I define my creative life.


I grew up in Liverpool until I was 10, so returning now aged 29 feels like a long-awaited coming home. Its familiar yet unfamiliar territory, one which I now must navigate with a new purpose and curiosity. It’s bizarre to explore somewhere, and carve out your place in it, when you’ve known it so well as a child and later as a visitor.


This dual process of re-learning an environment and defining who I am as a creative has been challenging. Coming from many busy years living in London, and last year in Sydney, I have finally given myself the time to discover what drives me, what excites me, what I hope to achieve and why I’m wired this way.


Upon arrival in Liverpool, finding a studio before finding a job seemed like a wild decision, but it has framed the first steps of this journey and has given a sense of value to my creativity. I am considering my creative capacity as a strength and not as an added extra or a nice to have. It finally has a seat at the table.


I am passionate about making space for people to be creative, giving that to myself has been transformative so far, and I want very much to use my skills to provide that for others. I trained as an Art Therapist to allow me to do this more readily, which I also do in the Merseyside region, but I am positive that the creating of accessible art spaces is something I can do as an artist as well.


I hope I am able to grow my brand, 'Cut Out Collage', to bring workshops, creative spaces, collaborations, art shows and affordable artworks to Liverpool and beyond.


Come say hi and get your cut and paste on at workshops in January and February at Leaf Bold St and Cass Art Liverpool. Eventbrite links can be found on this website.


My work can be found on Instagram @cut_outcollage

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