Georgemma hunt: artist residency november 2019

My name is Georgemma Hunt and I am a free-lance artist and architect in training. I grew up in the South of England and I am currently based in Liverpool. After completing my undergraduate architecture degree at Cambridge University in 2018, I felt an overriding pressure to focus on one or the other of these two practices in my future career. It was my brother, Theo, who brought my attention to these concerns while catching up at the pub recently. In response to my complaints about the difficulty of finding time to make art alongside a full-time job, he exclaimed, “if only you could have two lives!”. This has motivated me to avoid compromise at all costs and, instead, to find a balance of both creative expressions.


After taking some months to develop my painting technique and in an effort to carve out a future that includes both disciplines, I moved to Liverpool in August 2019 for a job as an architectural assistant at Studio MUTT. Although still in the early stages of settling into a new city, I’m happy to say that my previous anxieties have, for the most part, been replaced with excitement for the many opportunities of collaboration and community involvement that lie ahead. By absorbing myself in the city’s creative scene and engaging with the people that continually drive it forwards, I hope to explore a more informal means of gaining an art education


Often only having a black fine liner to hand at the weekly life drawing classes I organised at university, I learnt to incorporate my mistakes into the final image and this technique resulted in the slightly wonky, graphic style that remains a prominent feature of my paintings today. I rediscovered my love for colour in late 2018 when painting murals with Arts Bridging The Gap, a non-profit based in Los Angeles. Having barely picked up a brush since my A levels, painting on walls was a great way of dealing with the fear that people often experience when faced with a blank canvas. I learnt a huge amount from the process behind creating these murals, which consisted of sketching, projecting, assigning colours and finally, painting. Even today, when working at a much smaller scale, I still use this sequence as a framework.


My preferred medium to work with is acrylic on unstretched canvas, which gives me the flexibility to rework colours over and over as well as easily transport pieces. I find most enjoyment in visualising stories commissioned by friends and family, as well as capturing special memories from my own travels. My colour palettes and forms take inspiration from artists such as Gauguin, Matisse and Hockney, while my subject matter attempts to convey my attitudes toward modern life, nature and the beauty of relationships between people. My aspiration is that each painting tells an uplifting story that people can engage with and make their own, without needing to search for a hidden meaning.


You can discover my large scale, colourful murals on buildings in LA, Mexico City and Puerto Rico, and a selection of my work can be found on my Instagram page (georgemma_hunt).