REFUGEE WOMEN CONNECT is a support network for refugee womxn that aims to help vulnerable womxn asylum seekers, refugees & victims of trafficking connect with services they need & overcome the many barriers they can face because of stigma & discrimination.

They are always looking for donations to help with their outreach programmes so please, if you can, donate here.

Also, if you wanna help them out & have a good time while doing it, attend SisBis events who fundraise for them! 

Asylum Link Merseyside is based in St Anne’s presbytery next to St Anne’s Church in Overbury Street, Wavertree. It is a safe space for Asylum Seekers and Refugees, to meet, relax and find out about the community they have been dropped into. They offer a wide range of services which are centred on the principles of Friendship and Welcome.

Please donate here (£££ or goods!) & volunteer! We all need friends <3

Please, donate what you can to food banks around your area. With universal credit, slashes to benefits & rises in rent & house prices, there are now more food banks in the UK than there are McDonald's. In a country where most people in poverty are in work, donating non-perishables & sanitary & hygeine products to food banks are a good alternative way to make sure that people have access to food - a basic human right that the tory govt are unconcerned with.

Try to avoid Trussell Trust foodbanks if you can because they are selective about who they allow to use their resources. Try searching independent food banks near you.

Use this map by the Independent Food Aid Network to see independent food banks around Merseyside & the UK.


You've probably seen them outside the bombed out church feeding the homeless. Please donate to their gofundme here so that they can keep doing what they do.


Volunteer with food cycle to support people who are hungry and lonely by serving tasty lunches and dinners to those who struggle to afford the basics to eat or who will eat alone without company or conversation.

During the past decade, clinical mental health illnesses have been on the rise. This is often linked to greater awareness, but can also be connected to the challenges people are facing under austerity - as the practicalities of life become more and more difficult, and community services are cut and cut again, it can all seem too much to bear. With this tory govt & their hostile agenda, we are really worried that people will struggle to cope, especially queer people, disabled people, womxn & nonbinary folk, people of colour, immigrants & refugees, & those in insecure employment or unemployment. 

Here is a list of some of the outreach & community centres/networks in the area that may be able to help you or your loved ones when you need it. Click on the icons for more info.