WITH a title like that, not much more needs to be said to tell you that this exhibition is wicked.


We went to this on its opening night – Halloween, the holiday for the strange and the fabulous. And Joana (aka Jdog herself) was like a piece of sparkling art in her silver sequined dress – setting the tone for her exhibition: unashamedly in-your-face and playful. Joana had before said she was worried that there would be too much blank space between her paintings, but the whole affect worked – simple in a way that made the 7/8 of her canvases and her video projection stand out and speak for themselves. The exhibition, as you may have guessed, is a satire on the current shit-show of british politics (HAVE YOU BEEN ON TWITTER IN THE PAST 24 HOURS I MEAN WOW). Speakers blast out a recording of former commons speaker John Bercow’s cry for ORDERRRRRR!! –  heard many a time in the past 3 years of Brexit mayhem. When heard whilst watching the projection of Jdog’s paintings, animated and fighting over porridge (and of course including Jesus and Shakespeare), you really get a sense of how ridiculous our politics has become because it just parodies the commons too well.


It was nice to go into an exhibition and actually have a bit of a laugh at the pomposity of our country, which the tories desperately cling to despite alternately acting like fools and monsters. Jdog’s work is all to do with context – she asks, what happens when we stop thinking of politics as the realm of sophistication and the establishment? Her answer is that politics has always been a performance, and nowadays often feels like a modern-day caricature of some bygone era of duel fighting and ruffs. So, it’s quite therapeutic to see it disembodied from the bleak reality and have free reign to laugh at the ridiculousness of a bunch of (mainly) Etonian White Males™ scream at each other.


 From the smaller pictures – including the queen with a baguette – to her larger canvases – ft Shakespeare w/ porridge and King Henry 8th getting a blowjob – Jdog’s paintings tell a narrative of chaos disguised as order. The british have always declared ourselves the epitome of civilisation – in politics and culture – and we have used this to justify empire, capitalism and religion. What Jdog’s work shows is that we are the biggest hypocrites of all – or maybe neck and neck with the land of the free, aka the USA.


Output is fast becoming one our fave gallery spaces in the city – it’s free, and the small space is used really well to show off some of the best artists working in Liverpool right now. It goes to show, you don’t need a fancy gallery with loads of space to put on relevant, exciting and just plain good shows ft. good art. There’s a step to get into it via the shop, but you can also access it from Kazamier Garden next door (I mean…a gallery next to the Kaz?! Always gonna be a winner because those guys are lovely). Jdog’s exhibition is on until November 10th.

- Milz

Joana De Oliveira Guerreiro (aka Jdog) at her exhibition opening in Output Gallery | Photos by Rachel Poxon