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Liverpool’s alternative queer scene is on the up. Thanks to the likes of Beers For Queers, Sonic Yootha, EAT ME + Preach! et al there is an exciting array of non-scene based nightlife for the city’s LGBTQ+ folk to enjoy every month. But what about if you just want a chilled evening in a queer-friendly environment? Or what about if you need a sober space where you can still find your community? 


Established in 2017, Liverpool Queer Collective was created by queer people, for queer people, with collaboration at our heart. We celebrate queer culture and curate creative LGBTQ+ friendly events. Every second Friday of the month, you can find us at Static Bar (on Roscoe Lane) for our informal social, Queer Fridays. A few times a year, we hold sober, daytime events called Queer Hub that centre around a creative activity. Previous Hubs have included a tour of Tate Liverpool’s Keith Haring exhibition, a mindfulness workshop, a vintage arcade gaming afternoon, a summer garden party and zine-making workshops.  


A couple of times a year, we run a conversational storytelling event called Telling Tales. Sharing LGBTQ+ stories can be inspiring, cathartic and uniting. Each event has a theme, such as ‘We Are Family’, ‘I’m Every Woman’, ‘Let’s Talk About Sex’ and coming soon ‘Electric Dreams’. During Homotopia Festival for the last three years we’ve run Queercentric Music Night, highlighting local and national LGBTQ+ musicians.


As well as our own events, we love promoting the events of like-minded organistaions. The mainstream gay clubbing scene isn’t to everyone’s tastes, and for some of our community it is totally inaccessible due to most of the venues being in basements. It’s important that LGBTQ+ folks know that they have plenty of choice for socialising and celebrating queer culture beyond the ‘scene’ and that’s why we have a calendar of events on our website. I like to think of our website as a kind of Time Out guide to queer Liverpool. As well as the calendar, you’ll find blogs about queer popular culture, music, films, TV and much more on our website. 


We also present a live radio show (which we later put out online as a podcast) on Liverpool Community Radio 106.7FM, every second Tuesday of the month at 8pm. On the show, we talk about queer happenings in Liverpool, showcase local musicians and channel the 1980s toy doll Sindy, in our agony aunt section ‘What would Sindy do?’. If you’d like to be featured, drop us a line at


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Come find your people.


Char @ Liverpool Queer Collective