STUDIO SHUFFLE is a great way of involving the community in the Liverpool art scene by showcasing exhibitions from artist-led studios, all in one evening, all free. You could walk around studios in the Baltic Triangle – getting viewings of The Royal Standard, Convenience Gallery, ROAD, Arena, Dorothy and Antisteel – and feel properly part of the community there, being able to chat with the artists and curators as well as move around the space freely. I’m rlly sorry to say I only made it to TRS and Convenience Gallery for a good look bc of being under the weather and still getting used to PhD routine/demands (committed to full transparency here!) And please, if we missed you out get in touch with us here to let us know your next event/opening/or if you want to chat about your studio or project - we’ll always try to fit everything in! We aim to get to as many events as possible in our effort to keep the Liverpool art scene open and collaborative, and will always try to make up for events we miss/can’t experience all of because of main jobs etc <3


So, just a quick lil debrief then! You’ll be hearing about Convenience Gallery a lot from us because they are a great community-focused arts space that has roots with our faves Small Steps, and is inclusive and local (which are 2 of our big criteria FYI). In their small room in Northern Lights in the Baltic, they had a few big and colourful pieces. I much prefer small shows with a few great pieces that you can get close to and touch and pour over than a huge museum with massive collections that you feel pressured to try and see and then end up not taking in. The plush pieces by Ellie Brennan and Claire Henderson are great in a gallery space – brightening up the walls in a way that makes you YEARN for them in your own home... I’m game for some Henderson-style cushions, and I talked about having the corner-shop style ‘OPEN’ piece by Brennan on my door. That in itself marks these pieces as fun commentaries on our obsession with instant gratification – in aesthetics and consumption. We’re super excited to work more with Joana de Oliveira Guerreiro (residency @ Output v soon), whose raw and engaging paintings are all the more striking for taking-on complex issues. Finally, the immense amount of craftsmanship and skill that goes into Michael Roberts' work speaks for itself – every little part of the pretty big piece on display in the center of the room was flawless and played a part in the darkly-playful narrative of the art, as well as working alone.

On to TRS - who are at the forefront of the Liverpool independent art scene, firmly established as the hub of anti-establishment and artist-focused gallery/studio spaces. Their Studio Show included the kinda eerie ‘The Space Between Me' by Laurence Payot – a video of the cosmos that speculates about our place within in it and the limits we are placing on ourselves through the careless destruction of our own world. Told through the voices of the children – the very ones whose futures we’re gambling – makes it a powerful reflection on humanity’s power to destroy itself. A combination of new and old(er) pieces in TRS room showed a good mix of sculpture and painting that ensured the show was, as always, interesting and inviting.  


We rlly hope to see more Studio Shuffles in the near future – and to one day be part of one ourselves!


Remember – if you have anything to say about this month’s Studio Shuffle, or any other Liverpool-based artists/exhibitons, please join the convo and submit!


Convenience Gallery: Michael Roberts/Claire Henderson/ Ellie Brennan (Photos by Millie)

TRS: Matt Nightingale/Max Mallender (Photos by Millie)