the mo(ve)ment

Image: photo = dad circa 1980, just arrived in Dundee as an asylum seeker. In Chilean torture camps, inmates were often blindfolded for months on end.

Sound: a soundcloud upload of a recording i made from the 12" Victor Jara record my sister got me from Oxfam. The recording is of a poem written by Jara during his imprisonment in the stadium in Chile's capital, Santiago. The translation is by Joan Jara & read by Adrian Mitchell. Jara was a revolutionary poet & songwriter and ally to the workers of Chile. 

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you think that it can't happen to you, but it's happened before

it happened to me

before i was born.

i have carried it

with me all my life,

and now you say that

i must carry more.


dear world of hate, i

have something to say:


i'm tired.

but you will not make 

me sleep through my own